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Monday, Dec, 5

Section Experimental physical mechanics

Y. Babou

Plasma airfow jets diagnosis by means of time-resolved tomography

M. A. Kotov, L. B. Ruleva, S. I. Solodovnikov, S. T. Surzhikov

Experimental researches of supersonic flow over scramjet air intake models

P.V. Kozlov

Experimental investigation of nitric oxide radiation in the shock-heated air

P. A. Tsygankov, A.S. Skriabin, E.Yu. Loktionov, V.D. Telekh, R.I. Chelmodeev

On using of gas detonation for spraying of biocompatible films onto the carbon nanocomposites

S. A. Murzov, V.V. Zhakhovsky

Extinction and growth of cylindrical hotspots in AB model explosive: molecular dynamics studies

Lunch break

Section Nonequilibrium Processes in Gas Dinamics

W. Su, D. Bruno, Y. Babou

Investigations of vibrational kinetics relaxation within air shock wave plasma

A. A. Kosareva, E.ANagnibeda

Vibrational-Chemical Coupling in mixtures CO2/CO/O and CO2/CO/O2/O/C

G.R. Galimova, A.M. Mebel, V.N. Azyazov

Quantum Chemical Study of the Mechanism of Oxidation of Pyrene by Hydroxyl Radical

Igor Balyukin, Vladislav Izmodenov, Olga Katushkina, Dmitry Alexashov

Kinetic modelling of primary and secondary interstellar oxygen atom uxes in the heliosphere

M. S. Egorova, S.A. Dyachkov, A.N. Parshikov, V.V. Zhakhovsky, A.A. Serezhkin, I.S. Menshov, D.B. Rogozkin, S.E. Kuratov

Shock-induced ejecta from layer of spherical particles. Part I: SPH meso-scale simulation

Tuesday, Dec, 6

Section Physical-Chemical Gas Dinamics

A.A. Markov

Mass transfer Intensification Model in Channels Using Nanowire sets inside and Nanostructures at the Wall

A. Kalinin, N. Rubtsov, A. Vinogradov, A. Rodionov, K. Troshin, G. Tsvetkov, V. Chernysh

Establishment of the features of propagation of unstable flames by 4D optical spectroscopy and color speed cinematography

R. K. Seleznev

Comparison of two-dimensional and quasi-one-dimensional scramjet models on the example of VAG experiment

A.A. Markov

Two-temperature model of thermal radiation in a porous medium with application to fine disperse particles synthesis via combustion

B. N. Chenverushkin, T.G. Elizarova, E.V. Shilnikov, A.A. Davydov

High performance computing algorithms for simulation of the super- and hypersonic viscous heat-conducting gas flows

I. A. Kryukov, I.E. Ivanov

Shock wave - boundary layer interaction in a long shock tube

Lunch break

I. E. Ivanov, I. A. Kryukov, E. V. Larina, G.S. Glushko

Turbulent flow over an axisymmetric body with annular cavity

S. A. Rashkovskiy, S. E. Yakush, A. A. Baranov

Stabilization of solid fuel combustion in a ramjet engine

O. Kunova, E. Nagnibeda

On the infuence of state-resolved rates of Zeldovich reactions on shock heated air flow parameters

Ya.V. Khankhasaeva, V.E. Borisov, A.E. Lutsky

Influence of Energy Input on the Flow Past Hypersonic Aircraft X-43

S. A.  Rashkovskiy

Quantum mechanics: a strange theory of particles or a classical field theory?

G.P. Oblapenko, A.V. Kashkovsky , Ye.A. Bondar

State-to-state models of vibrational relaxation in Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC)

Sergey Dyachkov, Anatoly Parshikov, Vasily Zhakhovsky

SPH simulation of boron carbide under shock compression with different failure models


Wednesday, Dec, 7

Section Physics of Gas Discharge

A.S. Dikalyuk, S.E. Kuratov

Numerical Investigation of Penning Discharge Characteristics using 2D/3V Particle-In-Cell Method

D. A. Storozhev, S.E. Kuratov

Numerical simulation of molecular hydrogen dissociation and ionization in penning discharge plasma with the use of reduced kinetic model

V.V. Kuzenov, S.V. Ryzhkov

Approximate method for calculating convective heat flux on the surface of bodies of simple geometric shapes

P. V. Kozlov, M. A. Kotov, L. B. Ruleva, S.I.  Solodovnikov, S.T. Surzhikov

The spectral characteristic investigations of normal glow discharge prior to the introduction of it in high-speed gas flow

V. P. Zimakov, V.A. Kuznetsov, N.G. Solovyov, A.N. Shemyakin, A.O. Shilov, M.Yu. Yakimov

Quasi-stationary convection in a periodic-pulsed optical discharge in high pressure rare gas

Lunch break

Section Hydroaeromechanics

E.V. Teodorovich

Diffusion of a passive impurity in a random velocity field

M. M. Krasnov, P.A. Kuchugov, M.E. Ladonkina, A.E. Lutsky, V.F. Tishkin

Numerical Solution of the Navier-Stokes equations by discontinuous Galerkin method

M.K. Ermakov, I.A. Kryukov

Supercomputer modeling of flow past a hypersonic flight vehicle

O.A.Bessonov, A.N. Rybakov, P.V.Silvestrov

On the concept of the interactive information and simulation system for gas dynamics and multiphysics problems

Section Magnetic Hydro Dynamic

G. V. Gembarzhevskii, A.K.  Lednev, K.Yu. Osipenco

Mode interaction of two cylinders wake

E. A. Golikov, V. V. Izmodenov, D.B. Alexashov

Two-jet structure of the flow produced by magnetized hypersonic spherical source into the steady unmagnetized medium