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Tuesday, Nov, 21

Section Computational Aerothermodynamics

V A Frost

Spectrograms of one-dimensional isotropic turbulence

A V Dmitrenko

Results of the investigations of non-isothermal turbulent flows based on stochastic equations of the continuum and equivalence of measures

S T Surzhikov

Analysis of the turbulent boundary layer on a flat plate at M=6?8.8 with the use of NERAT-2D code and algebraic turbulence models

M Yu Timokhin, I E Ivanov and I A Kryukov

Numerical modeling of nozzle gas flow using continuum approach in transition regime

D S Yatsukhno

Computational study of the waverider aerothermodynamics by the UST3D computer code

S T Surzhikov

Calculation analysis of the experimental data of HIFiRE-I using the computer code NERAT-2D

A S Kryuchkova

Numerical simulation of a flow over blunted cylinder-flare configuration

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Section Experimental Aerothermodynamics

E Loktionov, V Telekh

Application of polarization interferometry to plasma diagnostics

A A Markov and I A Filimonov

Model of thermal radiation using heat absorption by CO2 in submicron pores with application to magnesium-zinc ferrite fine disperse particles synthesis via combustion

V E Mosharov, V N Radchenko, I V Senuev, M A Kotov, L B Ruleva, S I Solodovnikov and S T Surzhikov

Preliminary experimental results of heat flux surface field registration at the hypersonic aerodynamic shock tube using temperature sensitive paint


Wednesday, Nov, 22

Section Physical Gasdynamics

A S Dikalyuk

Validation of Numerical Model of Penning Gas Discharge based on 2D/3V PIC-MCC Method

V O Gumennov, A S Dikalyuk

Calculation a Penning plasma discharge characteristics taking into account the magnetic field produced by annular magnets

D S Shidlovski, A E Mukhanov

Comparison of the stabilized jellium model and the model with fixed point ions

G V Gembarzhevskii, A K Lednev and K Yu Osipenko

Asymmetric wake from two closely located cylinders within the framework of one-dimensional model

S A Vasilevskii, A F Kolesnikov, A I Bryzgalov, S E Yakush

Computation of inductively coupled air plasma flow in the torches

A. Yu. Mikulin, S. I. Glazyrin, S. E. Kuratov

Effect of reaction products kinetic on stability of thermonuclear spark ignition

S A Lychev, G V Kostin, K G Koifman and T N Lycheva

Modeling and Optimization of Layer-by-Layer Structures

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Section Experimental Aerothermodynamics

P V Kozlov, M A Kotov, L B Ruleva, S I Solodovnikov and S T Surzhikov

Normal glow discharge investigation in inert gases and nitrogen between flat electrodes with 20 mm of discharge gap

I A Ivanov, M A Kotov, I A Kryukov, L B Ruleva and S I Solodovnikov

Investigation of gas dynamic parameters of the conical nozzle block functioning in the Hypersonic Aerodynamic Shock Tube

M A Kotov, L B Ruleva, S I Solodovnikov and S T Surzhikov

Preliminary experimental assessment of supersonic airflow behavior over ExoMars and X-43 inlet models using multiple flow regime shock tube


Thursday, Nov, 23

Section Magneto- and Radiative Gas Dynamics

S A Rashkovskiy, S E Yakush and Baranov

Combustion stability in a solid-fuel ramjet engine

S V Chalov

Determination of the direction of the interstellar medium motion relative to the Sun by measurements of interstellar pickup ion helium

Ya.V. Khankhasaeva, V.E. Borisov, A.E. Lutsky

Numerical Study of the Supersonic Base Flow around Aircraft Model

D A Storozhev

Numerical simulation of the underexpanded plume spectral radiance using Monte-Carlo method

G S Makeich, I A Kryukov

Aerodynamics and Flight Dynamics Simulation of Basic Finner Supersonic Flight in Aeroballistic Experiment

P Silvestrov and O Bessonov

Development of a visualization module for scientific computations

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Section Magneto- and Radiative Gas Dynamics

I A Koryukov and A I Kryukov

Three-dimensional calculation of the aerothermodynamics of a double cone 25/55 on an unstructured grid

P I Vysikaylo and M A Korotkova

Determination of the Sun's charge by the parameters of heavy ions in the solar wind

N A Kharchenko

Aerothermodynamics calculation of the EXPERT reentry flight vehicle

N A Kharchenko, M A Kotov

Analysis of the high speed gas flow over a sphere in the range of Mach numbers 2-12


Friday, Nov, 24

Section Physical-Chemical Processes and Heat Transfer

R K Selesnev

History of scramjet propulsion development

S T Surzhikov

Ionization of air in flow around a blunt wedge at relatively low hypersonic speeds

S A Rashkovskiy

Boron particle agglomeration and formation of solid residues in combustion of boron-containing solid propellants

R K Selesnev

Validation of two-dimensional model by the example of a supersonic inlet-isolator

R K Selesnev

Validation of 3D model by the example of a supersonic inlet-isolator

P V Kozlov

Experimental study of the evolution of NO radiation in the air up to second cosmic velocity

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Section Physical-Chemical Processes and Heat Transfer

S E Kuratov, D S Shidlovski, S I Blinnikov

Inhomogeneous Spatial Distribution of Electrons in a Compressed Gas Bubble of Submicron Size

S A Gubin, S I Sumskoi

Relaxation processes in detonation products and formation of multi-front wave structures

R K Selesnev

Numerical study of the flow structure in the supersonic inlet-isolator

S T Surzhikov

Normal glow discharge between curvilinear electrodes