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The Institute for Problems in Mechanics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia will organize the 13th International Conference "Aerophysics and Physical Mechanics of Classical and Quantum Systems" - APhM-2019 in Moscow, Russia on 26-27 November 2019.

The purpose of the Conference is to bring together leading experience of new research findings, databases, computer codes, information on new instruments and methods of physical experiments in the field of physical and chemical kinetics in gas dynamics, plasma physics in the processes of combustion and explosion.

The Conference welcome contributions on the description of new experimental techniques and facilities, the description of developing and functioning information systems on this topic, as well as computational and theoretical methods, numerical codes and kinetic gas dynamic calculations.

The Conference is interested in presentations that generate new perspectives in interdisciplinary areas related to physical and chemical kinetics and related fields.

The conference will cover the following topics:

  • The dynamics of physical and chemical processes in gases, plasma and gas discharges,
  • Physical and chemical kinetics,
  • Molecular and radiative transfer,
  • Heterogeneous processes and multiphase flows,
  • Physical mechanics of classical and quantum systems,
  • The equilibrium and non-equilibrium thermodynamics,
  • Aerothermodynamics and aerophysics,
  • Radiation gas dynamics,
  • Combustion and explosion,
  • Experimental methods in physical and chemical gas dynamics,
  • Computer methods in physico-chemical gas dynamics,
  • Information systems in physical and chemical gas dynamics.

The conference will be structured around invited, 40-minute keynote and 20-minute regular talks, and a limited number of contributed talks. The conference website http://aphm.ipmnet.ru will provide the information about the conference venue, registration, and means of transportation. E-mail inquiries about the meeting should be directed to afm@ipmnet.ru.

Working languages are English and Russian. Simultaneous interpretation from Russian to English is provided.